IOWA – Vyrsity announced that the Vyrsity Library has been dedicated to Mary L. Odom, the Executive Vice President of the Agathon Research Library and co-founder of the Vyrsity Library. The library, launched initially from donations from smaller collections, will be a centerpiece of the Vyrsity Innovation Center in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and is a partner of Agathon Research Library, which brings together print collections and provides a digital collection for participating institutions as well.

Vyrsity presented Mrs. Odom with a plaque that acknowledged her service, reading:

“The Mary L. Odom Library is dedicated on this first day of November, 2023, in honor of the selfless service  and example of Mary L. Odom, who continues to inspire us, and who has made this place of learning a reality.”

In her gracious acknowledgment of those who also worked to make the library a reality, Odom added that, “This honor means more to me than you’ll ever know…to finally see the beautifully finished labor of love is a joy beyond words. And to see it dedicated in my name is an unexpected honor that I give all the glory to God for allowing me to be a part…My prayer is that the library will continue to grow, and…will reach a multitude of lives for Christ…”

The Agathon Research Library now has two partnering branches: Vyrsity’s Mary Odom Library and CBU’s Earl Radmacher Library. The Agathon Research Library also has a growing digital collection to serve students of partnering institutions.