Vyrsity is a private institution comprised of a diverse network spanning the globe. International in scope, Vyrsity delivers innovative and specialized competencies, undergraduate, graduate, and level competency programs utilizing emerging pedagogical formats to serve Learners around the world.

The mission of Vyrsity is to excel as an interdisciplinary educational platform with the Biblical worldview, providing innovative and specialized education for character development, intellectual proficiency, and practical aptitude. 

Vyrsity values one-on-one mentoring, individualized and competency based learning, and innovation and collaboration – all to promote the growth and transformation of each individual Learner. Vyrsity’s dedicated Professors and Mentors promote discovery and exploration of knowledge and its application to life-long success through transformative teaching, service, mentoring, creative partnerships, scholarship, and research.

Vyrsity’s online programs are designed to be affordable, accessible, and achievable catalysts for learning and growth. They are intentionally designed to aid in the stewardship of Learners’ personal journeys and the journeys of those who Vyrsity Alumni will serve along the way.




Online programs and courses are led by Vyrsity Professors, each of whom are highly qualified and experienced real-world professionals.

Vyrsity Professors have demonstrated excellence in vocational and academic accomplishment.

Each online program and course includes asynchronous instruction from Vyrsity Professors, along with guided reading and research so you can gain core knowledge in your discipline.

The Competency Component adds a capstone project and internship customized by you and your Vyrsity Mentor to ensure you meet your specific learning goals.

In addition to the Competency Component in every course, Competencies can be completed at your own pace, and include:

(1) The Core Knowledge Components of instruction, reading, and research, and

(2) The Applied Knowledge Components of the capstone and internship, leading to the awarding of the Vyrsity Competency in your area of specialization.




Because of inefficient models, outdated methods, elongated processes, and bloated expense budgets, formal learning is increasingly inaccessible to many people.

Continually rising costs have prodded Learners to question the value of long drawn out programs when there are other less costly and more efficient ways to learn and develop needed knowledge and skills.

Vyrsity, through its innovative competency based learning, research based curriculum design, online competency programs and collaboration with industry and real-world partners is opening doors to lifelong learning for everyone.

Vyrsity engages its online programs with innovative partners and industry leaders, and is an inaugural member of the AgathonEDU Educational Group.

AgathonEDU is a shared-services consortium that enables Vyrsity to keep costs incredibly low so that Vyrsity can spend its resources only on the things that enhance your educational experience in Vyrsity’s online courses and programs and that maximize your stewardship.


– No App Fee

– 100% Online

– Start Anytime

– 1 on 1 Mentoring

– Competency Based

– From $34/Credit Hour

– Credit Transfer Friendly

– Learn at Your Pace/Schedule

– Excellent, Highly Qualified Faculty