IOWA – Vyrsity announced that the university’s teams name would be the Warpack, and presented the school’s logo – a wolf with a conspicuous V in the design. The name was chosen to encapsulate Vyrsity’s ongoing commitment to preparing Learners for successfully engaging the battles of life, and to recognizing that these battles are best faced together. The plurality and unity of the Warpack is emblematic of who we are designed to be – faithful in individual stewardships, and always encouraging and investing in each other to honor our Creator and for the common good.

Four values are identified with the Warpack idea:

Focus (on our Creator and His design to understand who He is and who He has designed us to be).

Faith (in our Creator as the One who saves and sustains us).

Fight (for Him and each other, recognizing that we are in constant battles and we must engage them with endurance).

Finish (the task at hand without wavering by maintaining the right focus, standing strong in the faith, and fighting as faithful soldiers).

The Warpack name and the wolf logo are emblematic of Vyrsity’s commitment to excellence in preparing Learners through transformative learning and for transformative leadership.