VYRSITY – The Journal of Transformative Learning and Leadership (JTLL) has published its inaugural issue in October. The JTLL Digital Edition is an open source journal, available to all and immediately at the JTLL webpage (https://vyrsity.com/jtll/). Articles included in the first issue include an article introducing and defining transformative learning and leadership (Dr. Christopher Cone), an introduction to the life and method of Lewis Sperry Chafer (Dr. David Gunn), a handling of the Creator/creation distinction and its relevance to transformative learning and leadership, a discussion of interpretive method for transformative literature – specifically the Book of Revelation (John Oglesby), and a study on the impact of effective communication for adult learning (Dr. Randall DeVille).

The JTLL is is a twice-per-year, peer review academic journal, for the advancement of understanding and applying transformative learning to educational and leadership contexts in diverse disciplines. The JTLL serves as a scholarly forum for the refinement and dissemination of research pertaining to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary implications of transformative learning and its applications for leadership in diverse contexts.

The second call for papers will be circulated in coming weeks.

Submissions to the JTLL should be submitted publish-ready in the style (Chicago, Turabian, APA, MLA) typical for work in the discipline(s) that the article addresses. As a multidisciplinary journal, the JTLL evaluates style on a per-article basis. The JTLL Editorial Board will prioritize research and article submissions that demonstrate alignment with the JTLL Mission and Core Values. Submissions must be received by published call for papers due date to receive consideration for the upcoming issue, and no guarantee of publication is made. Proposals and Articles may be submitted at jtll@vyrsity.com.