Vyrsity is pleased to welcome Thomas Crank as an Associate Professor of English and Communications. Having master’s degrees in English as well as in Bible and Theology, Mr. Crank will teach and mentor Learners in several areas of the Vyrsity curriculum. Crank has extensive experience as a department chair, an academic and disability support director, an academic center director, an institutional research coordinator, teacher, and tutor.

In addition to his faculty role with Vyrsity, Thomas Crank will also serve as the VP of Educational Resources with AgathonEDU, heading up the tutoring program and helping to guide future development of AgathonEDU’s ELUX program.

Thomas Crank inspires students to learn actively—even in subjects they claim to hate. He has been teaching writing for over 15 years to elementary, high school, and college students. He is passionate about teaching his discipline from the Biblical worldview. Thomas is the author of The Writer’s Sketchbook series.