Vyrsity is designed and built for your success as a Learner, not just in your coursework but in other areas of your life. Vyrsity focuses on preparing you for success in your family and community, in your finances, in your academic endeavor, and in your career and service. Learner Success is our motivation and it is why we have designed and built Vyrsity with you in mind, from the ground up.

Built for Your Family and Community Success

– All courses are online, with onsite options around the country to help you balance family and school.

– Course start dates based on your schedule, not an academic calendar.

– Balance individualized learning and community engagement with our developing Learner Community in each class.

Built for Your Financial Success

– Incredibly low tuition from $34 per credit hour.

– Pay one course at a time or pay monthly for your degree program.

– Graduate with no student debt.

Built for Your Academic Success

– One-on-one mentoring – mentoring faculty will help guide you through each class.

– Flexible course schedules – complete courses in anywhere between 4 and 16 weeks based on your needs.

– Agathon Research Library – enjoy full access to the growing list of resources available through the Agathon Research Library.

– Access to the AgathonEDU Tutoring Program – to help you maximize areas where you excel and shore up areas where you need help.

Built for Your Career and Service Success

– Get direct access to employers through the Vyrsity job portal.

– Vyrsity Alumni Mentoring Program (VAMP) will keep you connected and help guide you even after you graduate.

– No App Fee

– 100% Online

– Start Anytime

– 1 on 1 Mentoring

– Competency Based

– From $34/Credit Hour

– Credit Transfer Friendly

– Learn at Your Pace/Schedule

– Excellent, Highly Qualified Faculty